Distance from Delhi to Shimla by Train and Road

Distance from Delhi to Shimla by road Bus, Train, Flight, Places to visit near Shimla

There is a number of beautiful hill stations in India. Out of them Shimla which is also called as aging queen is considered as the most exotic hill station in the whole of India. Its beauty does not require any introduction. Since it was discovered by Britishers, earlier it was considered nothing apart from just a stop in between for the goddess shamla. But slowly and gradually the Britishers were quite convinced of the fact that reveals the beauty and charm of the hill station along with its phenomenal climate and converted the place into the hub of travelers in holidays and festive seasons.

Then onwards, the place does not seem to have changed with its beauty rather it is just a summer welcoming gateway for many of all. There has also been seen a free flow of tourists that visits Shimla all around the year and caters to the fullest of weather demand.  But during summers it gets really jam-packed view as a number of traveler’ visits in hordes. But in spite of the huge crowd, the charm of Shimla still seems to be retained in every possibility.

Himachal Pradesh’s most owned capital is Shimla. The beautiful hill station seems to be comprised within it all the beauties of nature that has bound the hill station into natural robe making the visitors think for the exotic sceneries. The outstanding aspects of this place are its effervescent climate, mountains that are covered with snow giving a beautiful sight, scenic market as well as spots that are must-watch places.

Shimla Places To See In Shimla

Irrespective of whatsoever you are busy with, you cannot miss visiting the mall which is indeed a marking landmark and a prominent shopping center in the whole of Shimla. There is also a number of restaurants along with clubs and parks that provide a lined up view to visitors. This is exactly a stop for all those who love to venture the beauties of nature and simultaneously also love to explore the natural presence in the best way possible from hill to the slope. Within the mall, you will easily find people moving up and down and meeting at the two points namely the ridge as well as scandal point which are the two main meeting points

Christ Church which is also known as the second, most ordinary and famous church throughout northern India is situated at the ridge. The church interiors are really grandiose and the stained glass structure from within reflects the virtues of hope, charity along with faith. Also situated approximately 2 kms away from Shimla is jakhu hill which provides a beautiful image of both towns as well as mountains that are covered with snow. Just at the peak of the jakhu hill, you can easily find an old temple that is based on the dedication of lord hanuman, where you can easily find a number of monkeys that are playing across and are easily fed by visitors.

In 1974 Shimla

In 1974, the Shimla state museum was opened depicting you a real display of the culture and heredity. A viceregal lodge which is also the house of the Indian Institute of advanced studies is also considered one of the important landmarks in the whole of Shimla. Build-in 1884-88 by the Britishers; it also presents beautiful scenery by lovely gardens that have enough space as well as pine trees collection.

5 kms away from Shimla is summer hill where mahatma Gandhi stayed while he has visited Shimla. Also situated here is the Himachal Pradesh University. 4 kms away from the ridge is Annandale which is a fun and entertainment place and a likely spot for polo, cricket and various other outdoor games as well.

Shimla Places Near Shimla

It will take approximately a full day ort may be one more in order to investigate properly various spots that are moreover gems all around Shimla. On top of the hill, you can also spot out Tara Devi temple, which is approximately 11 kms away from Shimla and is building in dedication to the goddess of stars. Also located here is the sankat mochan temple which provides you a perfect scenic beauty. The temple is built in a manner that it provides tremendous views to visitors. For all those who love to go to a picnic or are rather interested in walking on the grass amidst the exotic weather can easily move to mashobra which is located 13 kms away from Shimla and is surrounded by oak and pine tree collection.

There is also located a nine-hole golf course that is situated 23 kms away from Shimla namely, naldehra. This place provides you with lovely views as well as a perfectionist in views in terms of a picnic. Also covered by the beautifying surroundings is wildflower hall which offers a must-visit during winters and also provides a look of a white sheet of snow that is widespread situated approximately 13 kms away from Shimla.

Places To Stay At Shimla

You can easily find a number of accommodation options available easily in Shimla in the names of resorts, hotels or guesthouses that ranges from luxury hotels to that of budgetary spots.

Distance from Delhi to Shimla How To Reach Shimla

Distance from Delhi to Shimla by Train:

Shimla also comprises nearest gauge railheads that have Kalka which is the nearest broad railheads. It is connected to Delhi via Kalka Shatabdi along with the Himalayan queen. It also connects Kolkata means of Howrah-Delhi-Kalka mail and it connects Mumbai by means of Paschim express.

Distance from Delhi to Shimla by Road:

Shimla is connected by Delhi in a proper manner by means of fully constructed roads which also connects to other cities as well.

Also available are the hrtc as well as buses that are owned by the state and you can also get them easily from Delhi’s isbt Kashmere gate.

Best Time To Go: March – June & Nov- January

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